Thursday, November 14, 2013

TraderMinute $100,000 Challenge. Join for Free.

Get In The Trading Seat With The Man Who Turned

$3K Into $100K….Twice…

And it only took him 4 months each time. He’s about to go at it again and you are invited to join in.

When I heard about this, I had 2 questions:

did it twice…?”
“How did he do it?”

You might be wondering too. And they weren’t just 2 lucky “lottery” type trades either.

In fact, each time he did it, he made a series of option trades that took an initial $3,000 (real money) investment and trade-by-trade ballooned
it into $100,000 in only 4 months.

What’s more exciting is I’ve arranged for you to sit in the passenger seat while he does it again.

He’s agreed to let you watch and place the same live option trades right along with him.

He’s not just trading off the cuff. He’s got some very sound rules that he follows to manage his risk. You’ll learn them later in this letter.

It’s rare that I find a trader with a good enough service and track record to put my neck out for by referring my valued clients over to them.

I love my clients, this group in particular, because you are serious about your trading. I know because you are reading this letter.

That’s why I would never want to risk my relationship with you by recommending a shabby product. And by shabby, I’m not talking about a bad looking product cover. I’m talking about results.

And this opportunity is just too good. And his track record speaks for you’ll see.

That’s why I see this as a way to strengthen my relationship with the small segment of clients I am inviting to this exclusive opportunity.

It’s one of those things I would invite my own mother-in-law to do. (Then again, my mother-in-law likes a good challenge.)

Starting on November 15th, this trader will get in the hot seat again with a goal of turning $3,000 into $100,000 in 4 months for the third time.

He’s opened up 30 new seats for the launch of this next challenge.

Those seats are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. And this letter was sent to over 8,000 people, many of which are reading right now along with you.

I promise these seats will be gone in a hurry.

I don’t want to be too long-winded because I know there are some who are reading this letter and won’t even finish it for fear of missing out. They will simply see that the first 30 days are free and sign up.

They’ll worry about the rest later.

To sign up click here and use the discount code LIVE569!

IMPORTANT: To get 30 days free, you must apply the
discount code at checkout. CODE LIVE569

It’s a rare opportunity to have someone with this track record agree to let you look over his shoulder during a challenge like this, let alone allowing you to trade the same trades with him.

But I’ve got to admit, it’s not for everyone. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you...

1.Don’t believe it’s possible. (And you don’t want to be made a believer)
2.Are unwilling to follow his option trades exactly.
3.Don’t have the $3K investment and don’t want to use virtual money or just sit on the sidelines and watch.
4.Would hold hard feelings if you came up shy of $100K or lost money

I would kindly ask you not to participate in the $3,000 to $100,000, 4 month challenge.

On the other hand, if you mimic his trades this time around and he reaches his goal for the third time, birthday’s and Christmas will be very different at your house.

The look on the kids or grandkids faces when you surprise them with that big something they would never expect would be an unforgettable moment — one that would single handedly give your life meaning.

If that’s not your idea of a good time, or you don’t have family, just think what $100,000 could to springboard your retirement and your current lifestyle. Not to mention your story-telling and “bragging rights.”

The people you know would be so proud of you.

If nothing else, you can say you tried it.

What an opportunity!

Besides the possibility of turning $3,000 into $100,000 in the next 4 months, the knowledge that you can acquire from an experience like this is extremely hard to come by. Knowledge that can really only be gained by doing it.

Just the education factor alone. You will learn volumes by simply participating.

And if you successfully reach the $100K goal…
  • Take the next 3 months off and go to Paris with someone special. You deserve it!
  • Hit up an African Safari.
  • Head to a third world countryand donate your time and talents for a while
  • Put the money into some nice income stocks and make the payment on a luxury car or boat just from the
  • Or put it into a few of the
    next big momentum stocks and watch ‘em ride.
Whatever your goals, $100K will help you arrive.

$100,000 is a lot of money to acquire in just 4 months. And I think you will regret not taking advantage of this extremely rare opportunity.

And I don’t mind if you just sit on the sidelines and watch or just place the trades in a virtual account. You can still get the first 30 days free and have the valuable experience.

Just don’t be disappointed at the end if the goal is reached and those who made real trades are high on actual profits.

So here’s the deal:

I’ve worked out an agreement where my clients can try this service free for the first 30 days of the challenge. You are responsible for your own investment capital or virtual account.

And if you’d like to continue with the challenge after the first month, you will need to pay a reasonable website fee (only $599 a month) for the next 3 months on a month-to-month basis, which means you can cancel anytime and pay no more.

That’s great news because it minimizes the risk of the challenge. If you feel like you just aren’t enjoying it or aren’t going to come out as profitable as you hoped, you can withdraw within the first 30 days — meaning you paid nothing.

If the experience and profits or potential profits justify the $599 per month, continue.

It will surprise me if that even becomes a concern because this trader has to get results in order to repeat the challenge every 4 months. He simply can’t survive any other way.

You’ll be participating in his 12th challenge. The 11th challenge is just wrapping up. And his performance on the 1o completed challenges is enough to keep even the most seasoned traders coming back for the next challenge.

Twice he has successfully turned $3,000 into $100,000.
Four times he has lost his entire $3,000 investment.
One time he had a $3,800 gain.
One time he had a $19,000 gain.
One time he had a $21,000 gain.
One time he had a $47,000 gain.

That means the winning challenges add up to gains of $290,800 while the losing challenges add up to a small loss of $12,000. That’s in only 36 months of cumulative trading time.

Not only do you get to watch it LIVE, but you will be sent emails and text messages with ticker symbol and fill prices when a live trade is made.

It’s easy to see why 50 seats will likely be gone within the hour.

To sign up click here and use the discount code LIVE569!

IMPORTANT: To get 30 days free, you must apply the
discount code at checkout. CODE LIVE569

Now, I mentioned you would learn the rules of the challenge in this letter. Here they are:

Rules of the Game:
  • Start trading account with $3,000.
  • No margin trading.
  • After achieving an account value of $10,000, the initial $3,000 in capital is removed.
  • After achieving an account value of $40,000, $10,000 is removed.
  • Challenge ends after 4 months regardless of profit level.
  • All trades are sent out in real time via text and email and are done live via video on the website
  • Trades are subject to happen anytime the CBOE options market is open. Trades are also subject not to happen. Sitting on ones hands at times is a valuable trade strategy.
  • Trade commissions are not taken into account due to the difference in commission charges from brokers.
  • TraderMinute pros do not suggest extra trades for the sake of playing catch up.
  • As reward goes up, so does risk. (a 30% loss on a $3,000 account is a little different than a 30% loss on a $60,000 account)
  • Trades made as part of the 3K-100K challenge are not considered investment advice! This is a game, not an investment strategy. Loss of some or all capital is a potential reality.
  • Trade entries and exits suggested by clients or 3rd parties will not be considered. (This is done in order to protect the suggest-or from feeling bad if they are wrong. You are more than welcome to disregard our entries and exits)
  • The $3K-$100K challenge is a learning exercise, not a retirement strategy. Please be mindful of your risk. TraderMinute and/or its affiliated companies are not responsible for losses sustained.
  • Traderminute recommends that all traders use a virtual account to simulate trades.
  • Please use Common Sense!
What a blast! It’s fun to login to the group and experience live trades as they create substantial profits in a short period of time.

And to watch the personal attention this trader gives you as you type questions into the live chat box and receive a near instant response on live video or chat…

Each time a trade is placed, you watch it on the live video and quickly get an email and text message with details about the trade.

Usually there are 2 to 3 trades per week that each last 5 to 7 days depending on market conditions.

Don’t let this opportunity run past you. Grab onto this rare experience and maybe you’ll be part of the next group to turn $3K into $100K over the next 4 months.

Please hurry! If you’ve read this far, the 50 seats I mentioned earlier may already be
taken. So don’t delay for another second.

To sign up click here and use the discount code LIVE569!

IMPORTANT: To get 30 days free, you must apply the
discount code at checkout. CODE LIVE569

See you in the live sessions.


Your Friends @ Livevol


Following the exact option trades of the man who turned $3K into $100K in only 4 months is exciting. Especially since he’s done it twice now. Join him as he tries to reach $100K for the third time.